Welcome to my What If I had $10,000,000. This site will go into detail of what I would do with such luxury. I would make a few assumptions. First, this amount is net (after payouts and taxes). This means that all of this money is actually mine. Next, I will assume that I am still disabled. This will mean that I will not be able to acquire work. This is important as I would need to have a way of having a monthly income. Next, I will assume that I will be able to drive.

This will be a significant amount and likely I would never earn this money in my lifetime. With that being said, there will be a number of things I will need to do which of course will leave me with some money as discretionary funds, but not as much as one might think. If you should have any questions, or will like to give me a net windfall of $10 Million, you are more than welcomed to contact me.